An introduction to blogging

In week two we were introduced to the task of creating this blog and updating it regularly. Many key points were raised by our teachers Ricardo and Angharad during the session, and as Angharad said skills learned from blogging will be useful in our working lives. Every graphic designer needs to be able to talk about their work, reflect on it, document it, and present it in the right way. And that’s exactly what this blog is about!

We also touched things like layout, grids, headings, links, and hero images, and what makes your blog look good and what makes certain things stand out. Position, size, tone, contrast, font, colour…

“Think about publishing”

“Don’t just upload anything!”

“Think about writing and visual elements”

“Think about the quality of the pictures”

“Layout is an essential part of digital viewing”

“Your choice of grid will have an impact on how your message is received”

“As readers we scan before we engage” (importance of headings)

 “Art direction is key in image and in text”

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