Welcome Week research task: Typography

My journey as a graphic design student began last week with a Welcome Week where for the very first time I met all my teachers and class mates. After all the informative talks and tours the first year students were given a research task to do over the rest of the week. Even though I’m officially a second year student I took it anyway, since after finishing my first year of uni in BA Theater I am joining graphic design directly from the second year, and I thought the task might help me to switch my brain into the right “creative thinking zone”.

On Thursday I took the tube to Aldgate with my camera ready shoot. I started walking down Whitechapel road from Aldgate station. It was interesting to notice how much details there are to see around us if we just pay attention. With every step you can see new interesting details. As a part of the task was to document different typography, I tried to look around me for interesting and unique texts. I didn’t have to walk far. It was everywhere: boutique names, restaurants, benches, pavements…

I guess in our everyday lives people very rarely stop to pay attention and appreciate these little beautiful details that someone has designed and put a lot of thought into. But I found this task very useful to help me notice that if you just look up from your phone there are countless different things to see in the radius of a few meters. I will try not to forget this and keep observing the world around us.

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