Visiting creative studios

Today’s trip to Hackney Downs Studios with the 1st year students was a really pleasant and inspiring experience. It was interesting to see what the creative spaces in the building were like and learn about the people who use them.

First we went to a big room that had been divided into small compact mini-studios. They were amazing! Those were used by gaphic designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, and other kind of artists and designers. From just looking at the tiny audio spaces you could imagine what that person might do. Thry were full of sketches, experiments, and inspiration and colour. Some used the space to have a place to work, some to have a better access to equipment, and some just to get away from home to work. People might rent the space for a couple of months or for years, it all depends on the type of work they do and whether their bus in needs to move into a bigger space to grow.

We also got to see some of the bigger studio spaces. Those seemed to be used by small companies. For example, one room that we saw was the workspace of two women and their company was called Studio Loon. They had started up in one of the small studios. Nowadays they do work for movies, adds, and at the moment some Christmas windows.

Bigger studio space where Studio Loon works with 6 other artists.

Another interesting side to Hackney Downs Studios was their monthly art & food market where anybody can sell their own little products. It costs only £25 to participate. I feel this fun event can support and spread the creativity that the studio building itself is full of. It also offers the chance to everybody to have their work out for the public to see and purchase.

Posters about the markets.


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