Publishing studio visits

Last Friday we had our first day in our assigned studios. I got my first choice, the publishing studio called Impression. As an introduction to the subject we visited 3 publishing and print related studios in London: Hato Press, MagCulture, and Fedrigoni UK Ltd.


The first stop of the day was Hato Press, an independent printing and publishing house. There we got to see their studio room and they explained to us the principles of Risograph printing and how the machine works.

After the studio room tour they told us a bit about their projects and work ethos. They do commercial printing (e.g. for students, galleries…), kids books, stationary, utility books, but they aren’t just an in house design agency producing work based on briefs but engaging with the community through workshops and events which then lead to tho design process. This kind of collaboration also shows in mood of the studio: every day the team prepare lunch together, even the managers cook and wash riches among everyone else.


After Hato the next stop was MagCulture, a small design studio and a magazine shop. They “offer editorial-orientated design across print and digital”. They also have an online journal which reviews magazines and posts updates about the industry.

In addition to all this they also regularly host publishing related events and talks. (Next events coming up in October and November.)


The final stop of the day was at Fedrigoni, a specialist paper-making company originated from Italy. They “specialise in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging, and paper products”. During our visit we got to hear about the process of making paper and see examples of different coated and uncoated papers. There also were a lot of examples of products that their papers are used for.



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