What does a layout say?

For today’s session we had to come prepared and bring a two page spread from a magazine or book that we found interesting or innovative in some way. I went to the school library to browse through magazines and came across an architecture/design/art magazine called BLUEPRINT 348. 

A bright yellow content page caught my eye. I found it interesting how the book itself was huge and the text was relatively small. Also interesting was how all the content was concentrated in the top left hand corner of the spread and the page on the right was completely empty. This layout worked as contrast to the rest of the magazine which was really busy, full and colourful, loads going on on each page. The yellow empty space on my chosen page offered some level of calmness and a moment to rest before turning onto the next page full of pictures, articles, different typography, and different colours. And actually, all together, there were 3 of these content pages (“resting pages”)  through out the whole magazines that gave the same impression. My pages presented the content from page 25 to 58, (the whole magazine being 258 pages).

BLUEPRINT magazine, page 22-23

More interesting points came up in the class discussion. For example, how this kind of layout and use of space gives priority to reading experience over advertising. They could have loaded the page full of commercial ads but instead they have chosen to appreciate empty space in this strong design. Also empty space is a kind of luxury since most magazines want to sell it to paying advertisers.

Another point pointed out the connection to the architectural orientation of BLUEPRINT magazine. This layout matches the well-structured and well-organized feel that can be associated with architecture.


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