Where do logos come from?

Ever wondered how logos come to be? Well, today in our Creative Industry Practice class we had a little insight into the process of creating logos. An excellent way to start is to think “what is the purpose of logo” — it must stand for something, i.e. it must mean something to people. And how do you get there? — first think about what the product/company/service is about and how they want people to see them.


To try this process our task was first to list things we like and things we are good at, and then try to embody some of those things in a logo about yourself. We had an hour to come up with 15 sketches and 1 final logo. It proved to be quite difficult… Everybody seemed to be stuck with trying to use their name or initials as the logo. However, the take was to create a logomark (=the symbol, e.g. Disney’s castle), not a logotype (=the unique text, e.g. the “Walt Disney” text)…


..so we all had to change our tactics.

I took a look at my list of words again and chose the words “team work” and “photography”. It still was challenging to think about how to combine those in one logo mark but I was able to scribble something:

My version of a logomark which represents photography and teamwork. (13/10/2016)

In the end of the lesson, because everyone had found the taks difficult, we tried to do one together as a class. First the teacher wanted us to give him 3 words. They were “craft”, “confidence”, and “geometry”. Next he wanted us to answer three questions:

1) How can you show geometry on paper? —with a geometrical shape. So, draw any grometrical shape.

2) How can you show confidence? — with bold lines. So, thiken the lines of the shape you drew.

3) How can you show craft? — with a crafty item like scissors, paint brush, pencil, etc… So, draw one inside of your bold shape.

It didn’t seem so difficult this way since we managed to create a logomark in about 30 seconds. Mine ended up looking like this:

My version of the quick group logo which combines craft, confidence and geometry. (13/10/2016)


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