Studio logo ideas

This week we started the process of developing ideas for the studio identity proposal. First we discussed in class as a group three important questions that form the base for identity development: Who we are, what we do, and why should people care? In groups of a few students, we tried to answer those questions and then we wrote everybody’s answers on one sheet. I wrote some key words down that I pulled from the list:

diverse, collaborative, open-minded, traditional and contemporary, the physicality of print, inspireing, exploring, experimenting, future, leaving an impression

My first logo idea was built around the combination of contemporary and traditional. With letterpress as my inspiration, I drew letters that spell out the word “impression”. To combine the contemporary I replaced the second “I” with the computer arrow. In another idea I drew a quill to represent the traditional. And in another one I tried to represent new and fresh ideas with a light bulb, experimenting with a creased ball of paper, and those things leading to the finished physical object of print. I also made a version of that with a thinking bubble instead of the light bulb because the teacher said to avoid cliches. After the lesson we were told to keep exploring and developing the ideas.

impression logo idea

Tiedosto_002 (1)

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