Studio logo development

This Friday everybody had to show their three ideas to the teacher to hear feedback. I wanted to transfer my ideas into a digital for for that which was really difficult for me to do. I have no experience in using Photoshop or Illustrator, so it took me forever to try to edit the logos on a computer. And because I don’t have Photoshop at home, or even a computer, I had to sit in the uni library doing it until late.

I got really frustrated with trying to do it because I felt like nothing worked and I had no idea how to do anything. I had to constantly google tips along the way. Eventually I got two out of my three logos done digitally. The one with a quill i just couldn’t figure out how to do, so I just left it pretty much the way it was in my sketchbook. I was able to tidy it up a bit by drawing on top of the scan in Photoshop to make it look at least a bit better.

Then, I had to find fonts that would go with the logos. I just went through the fonts that the computer softwares have and I think I found some that matched the logos well. See my three ideas below.

In the feedback, the teacher said that the 3rd idea is nice. It is a good idea to do the logo in symbols. I should think about the font choice though. The idea no. 1 may be too traditional/old looking. And the 2nd idea I could try to develop into more like a keyboard button. She said the arrow in the logo doesn’t really work. The general advice was not to make them too detailed, they should be able to be scaled down to a tiny logo or up to much bigger size. I should also concentrate making them more modern and really think what aspects are necessary.

The feedback session gave me a lot of help about which direction to develop my ideas next. I think I will try to experiment with the button idea next.

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