Anatomy of a magazine


On Friday in our Anatomy of a Magazine workshop we looked in more detail into the structure that is most often seen in all magazines. After listing all possible features of a magazine layout we went to the school library to analyze a few interesting examples. We worked in pairs and Katherine and I chose a cover of a Viewpoint magazine and a spread from a Love magazine.



After this analysis the next task was to create in the same pairs our own magazine cover, but to avoid the cliche style of your chosen genre. We chose to do a food magazine cover. We looked at pictures of main stream cooking magazine covers and they all were really colourful, bright, full of coverlines (=the text on the cover that tells you what’s inside of the magazine), and most often a picture of a nicely presented plate of food.

a screenshot of Google search results with search word “cooking magazines”

We decided to design our cover in more plain and classy way. We left the background pure white and chose black, clear front for the masthead (=title/logo). For the picture we chose a woman’s side-prfofile on which we added red fruit in collage style using Photoshop. We used this to do her hair and facial features. After the collage was made we added a filter to the picture to make it more interesting and to give it a bit of edge. To the final cover we only added a short strapline and one coverline and the issue number to keep the cover plain and clear.

an alternative food magazine cover by me and Katherine (21.10.2016)

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