Amazing views of a city

Last Thursday in Critical & Contextuel Studies the lecture’s theme was cities and infrastructure. Our teacher talked about many perspectives from which citiescan be viewed (size and scale, cities speed, density, diversity, form). A lot of impressige photography was shown during the lesson as well.


One of the most impressive pictures was connected to density and it was from “Architecture of Density” by Michael Wolff. In modern cities loads of people live packed in small spaces and literally on top of each other. Cities don’t only spread but they also growupwards. The photos Wolff has taken really show this feature of cities in a shocking way:

I found these pictures so strong and overwhelming they almost make me claustrophobic! Imagine living in one of those thousands of flats! Te photos really make their point clear!

Size & Scale

It is difficult to see the size of a city when you live inside it, but if you take a step back, it is crazy how small and unimportant a single individual seems. “Los Angeles” by Andreas Gursky and “Mexico City” by Armin Like we beautiful to look at and they really show the scale of the city on the Earth.


In the class we defined that Infrastructure

“…encompasses man-made systems and processes that function collaboratively and synergistically to produce and distribute a continuous flow of essential goods and services.”

Ken Ohyama’s photos, “Junction”, portray these kind of connections in a very interesting way. The pictures are beautiful and intriguing.

New York High line

The lecture also discussed certain features and design ideas in more detail. New York High Line (an old un-used train like turned into a park) was one of them and I thought it is interesting how they have taken a dead piece of infrastucture and turned it into a something else for people to use in their spare time.

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