Christmas Market group project

Last Thursday a new group project was introduced to us. Briefly, the task is to develop a brand, design and create products, create a promotional plan and a plan for display. The group with the best proposal will get funding to create products to sell. We then had some time to work in the groups to think about our band identity and what we would like to create.

We thought about what we all like to do and made a list: typography, abstraction, layout/design, drawing, screenprint.

Then we thought about what kind of products we could possibly make: postcards, t-shirts, coloring books, stationary, wrapping paper for which we would use the same patterns as in the other products.

The ideas seemed to be a bit all over the place and our brand identity seemed to be a bit lost, so when we talked about name ideas for our brand “gum up” came up (it means “mess”). Ee Zin quickly drew a logo idea and we thought that mint green would go well with the Christmas theme.

Our brand logo design by Ee Zin Teh

Read more about the development of this project:

Christmas Market Research

Gum Up Presentation 

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