My experience (logo design)

After Friday’s feedback session about everybody’s logo design ideas i went to take a look at as recommended by many of our teachers. It seems like an amazing resource for learning about different design strategies and tools. It’s quite overwhelming actually how many tutorial videos and different topics there are on Lynda. However, I didn’t spend too much time now browsing through the website, I simply went straight to the logo design section and started watching a 2-hour long tutorial titled Foundation of Logo Design.

First I was a bit confused about how the video works. It is divided into shorter clips, about 2-10 minutes each. All the clips together make the 2 hours total. After noticing that the website automatically plays the next clip I thought to myself that what a great idea! You can take breaks between the clips, you know which clips you have watched (indicated with a little eye symbol), and you can easily follow from the menu on the left what topics will come next and how many minutes they are.

A screenshot of and the tutorial called Foundation of Logo Design. (Notice the clip menu on the left.)

I also liked the style the man talks about the topic. He explains everything clearly and uses descriptive language and a lot of verbal and visual metaphors.

“Brewing ideas is like brewing tea; if you pour hot water over a teabag and immediately pull the bag out of up the cup and drink the tea, it wouldn’t taste very good because you didn’t give the ingredients enough time to steep and form the flavour you enjoy. The same is true with logo development.”

The tutorial that i watched, in addition to being well explained and structured, was very thorough. It takes you through so many different phases, bullet points, perspectives, different ways of approach, things to think, important things about clients, presentation, pitching, calculating cost, creative process… List goes on and on.. He also gives ver good examples from his owv work, so you can also see what the things mean in practice.

I will definetly watch more tutorials about different topics and I would recommend the website to everybody who wants to learn more about design!

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