Letterform poster workshop

Today in the Impression Studio we had a creative workshop where we experimented with poster designs. This was a good day to just experiment and develop ideas for the typographic poster we are supposed to do as a part of the Publishing Unbound project. Out task today was to sketch different ideas and think about things like negative and positive space, perspective, repetition, texture, movement. We could use whatever technique we like (e.g. drawing, printing, collaging…). We also looked at work from Timo Lenzen, Willem, Sangberg, The Entente, and Paul Elliman before staring to work.

I first made four different sketches in my sketch book. One where I used the letter “A” and one with upper case “Q” and one with lower case “q”. The inspiration for my 4th sketch came from a zine that I happened to notice on the table in front of me. I really liked the geometrical background of the letter “B”, and I thought to try to use the same idea in my 4th sketch again with the letter “Q”.

From those four ideas I chose the last one. Next I thought of adding a bit more depth to my initial idea by using tracing paper and with that adding shadows to the letter. I found it interesting to experiment how it looks when placing layers of tracing paper on top of each other and how you can see “a shadow” of the layer below.

To finish I glued the painted tracing paper layers together to create the effect and then the experiment was ready. If there had been more time and different papers, I would have next developed the idea further by using a more interesting background paper and perfecting the shadows to all the background lines too.

As a process the whole day was fun and enjoyable. It was interesting to see what a quick process of pure making and experimenting can generate. It was also nice to look at what the others had come up with and how all the posters where so different and unique. I liked the idea of layering that I used for my poster and I thought that I could possibly use it in someway in my Publishing Unbound poster zine. But I am not too sure yet, we’ll have to see what direction the zine will take.

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