Wayfinding exercise

Last Thursday we had a workshop and introduction to Adobe Premiere video editing software in our Creative Industry Practice class. This is essential since one of our current projects will require everyone to make a 15-60 seconds long pastiche video.

The task on Thursday was to make a short video that could guide people from place to place inside the uni building, (the uni is like a maze!). We could only use still pictures and music, no writing nor talking. My group’s route was from the our class room to the ground floor lecture hall. Half of the group (Hannah and Ee Zin) went to take pictures of the route while the other half (me, Cameron and Katherine) went to the Mac room to learn Premiere basics. We learned how to import media and how to place it in a video, how to edit the pictures’ length and position in the video, how to add sound, and how to export the final video.

Then it was time to do the same with the pictures the other half of the group had taken and also simultaneously teach them how Premiere works. It didn’t take us long to finish the short video. We kept it simple and added some background sound to it.

screenshots of the final video

You can see the whole video by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/sHoMuF-ztFM

If we could edit the video more now, I’d make each photo a bit longer. When I watch it it feels a bit too quick to me. Especially since the task was to make a guide video, I think the pictures should stay on the screen longer so that people would have time to actually see them properly and take the instructions on board.

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