Identity proposal

Our first project in Studio Impression this fall was to do a branding proposal for the studio. Every student would have to design a logo, choose a typeface and come up with a strapline and present these elements as a studio identity proposal.

We began the process a couple of weeks ago by discussing as a group who we are, what we do and what makes us stand out as a publishing studio in the industry. We came up with a long list of main features. Im here listing the key words that I drew from the list:

Diverse, collaborative, open-minded, traditional, contemporary, print as a physical object, inspire, explore, experiment, future, impression

Logo design

Next, we started sketching some initial ideas for the logo. I drew 3 ideas. For the first one I used the word “traditional” from the list. The second sketch was based on the words “traditional” and “contemporary”. And for the third sketch I chose the words from the main list: “fresh ideas”, “not afraid to make mistakes/experiment”, and “print as a physicsl object”. Here are the three ideas after I managed (after great struggling) put them in Photoshop:

My three initial logo ideas


Developing the ideas

When in my feedback session I showed these to our teacher, she thought the second ides (the one in the middle) is probably the one i should go for and develop. My original inspiration for it was traditional letterpress which I tried to include in the form of single letters in boxes (as if letterpress characters). The arrow (=mouse cursor was meant to represent the contemporary side. However the teacher thought that I could try to develop the logo into a single square, like a computer keyboard button.

Through sketching and looking at different pictures I eventually came up with my final design, a keyboard button with the word “impression” inside of it.

studio identity logo final.pdf 2.pdf FINAL
My final logo proposal done in Photoshop


Strapline and Typeface

We also had to come up with a strapline for the studio. Again I looked at the list of words from the very beginning of the process and ended up with the strapline “Diverse, Contemporary Publishing”.

In order to choose a typeface to go with the logo, I tried different fonts in a Word document to see how they look. To me it liked like the logo needed a handwriting looking typeface. I also decided not to have a capital “D” in the beginning of the strapline because I thought it looks more coherent with a lower case “d” as the logo itself has no capital letters.

Mock-up examples

Aa part of the proposal was also to show how the logo would look in a product or social media. I put it into a book spine and I think it actually fits it quite nicely.

Mock-up example of how the logo would look in a book spine

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