Posterzine planning

Today in class we had some time for planning the next project. The project outcome will be a A3 posterzine folded into A5. I will include a front cover, back cover and a 2-page spread article. On the back side of the A3 it will have a typographic poster. We all have had to choose a publishing related company and right an article about them and design the whole posterzine around that theme.

Theme and Article

I have chosen to do mine about a small independent publisher called Design For Today and I managed to interview Joe Pearson, the founder of the company last Friday at the small publishers fair at Conway Hall. He had a stall there where he had a lot of interesting books on display. I had prepared 5 questions to ask him about Design For Today and their style and he was more than happy to tell me about the company. Read the whole interview here: Forgotten Classics and Today’s Collectables.

I will have to edit the article down a bit because at the moment with 12 point size font it is three whole A4’s long while in the zine the article is only supposed to take two A5’s including pictures.


I started exploring the idea of bringing the “architectural” look to my posterzine’s shape. I could cut a bit off of the top of the A3  to create a roof shape and I could place the pictures  I will use as if they were windows.

I also would like to use the same colour palette that Design For Today uses but since we can only print our zones using one colour it can be a bit tricky. I could use a colour paper and a colour ink, though. Also all pictures will be in one colour, so I tried how some of the pictures I’ve thought about using would look in blue in case that’s the ink colour I’d use.



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