Gum Up presentation 

Tomorrow is the assessment day for the Christmas market project. We will pitch our idea to a group of people and the teacher. Our group met up on Monday to finalize the designs and put the presentation slides together. And we managed to get pretty much everything done.


We decided to cut our product selection down to cards and stickers. Everyone in the group designed stickers and at least one card. Our idea was to tie everyone’s designs and different styles together through the use of same colors: mint green, pink, white and black. We also had contacted Hato Press about the cost of printing the products and based on that we thought we would only use two colors (plus white) per sheet. Restricting the color palette this way made the design process a bit more challenging but I’m happy with our final designs!

These are my stickers and cards:


For packaging we would use small paper bags that would fit the pastel color theme. Also we would add our logo stickers on the bags.


We also determined a stall design where we would have a big banner on the back wall and the stall would look similar to our packaging. On the table we would have the cards on display and a big jar where all the stickers would be in. People could that way freely choose whichever stickers they want.

Gum Up market stall plan

We also have a detailed calculation about how much it would cost to produce the products and what we would sell them for:

Pricing leaflet to use in the presentation
Social media

We also have created an Instagram page for Gum up where we post the products. We would use the page for promoting the company before the market.

Gum Up Instagram page

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