Studio exhibition placards

The task

Today in Studio Impression we concentrated on thinking about the end of the year exhibition where we will display the work we all have done in the studio. The idea is to create placards containg phrases important to the studio identity.

Everybody got assigned one phrase to them which then we had to design a placard poster around. All the posters will be sent to Newspaper Club to be printed as a broadsheet size “poster newspaper”.  For the exhibition we will then take one of the papers apart and hang the broadsheet size posters on the walls.

The first version

My got the phrase “We work together”. First I had no idea how to start this task but after I started just moving some letters around in InDesign I came up with the idea of forming a circle out of the words. The circle would represent unity and also it looked like people standing in a circle holding hands. I also used different size letters to represent the individuals within the studio group. This was the first version:

The first version of my poster
After feedback

At this point I got feedback from the teacher I who said the poster would be strong visually is I used thicker font and a blob of color instead of a thin circle. This is the modified version:

The final version of my poster

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