Poster Zine: printing, cutting & glueing

So, yesterday and today I finally put the 25 copies of my poster zine together. It was a long and laborious process…

Buying material

First yesterday I started the mini zine factory by going to Atlantis art supply store to buy paper for my zines. I went there thinking that I want to buy yellow and green. But after thinking and comparing all the color options for a while I ended up buying 7 light yellow colored A1’s and 7 pink A1’s. They all where thickness of 120. I got two colors because I wanted to glue them together and have different colors on each side.

Cutting the papers

When I got back to uni from the shop I had to next cut all the A1’s into A3’s using a big guillotine. It was scary because I was worried that I might screw up and destroy the papers. But all went well.


Next step was then to actually print my zines on the A3’s. It wasn’t as easy as one would think because my idea was a bit more challenging. I had to print the article side and the text of the poster side on the yellow paper (double sided) and the poster’s key hole illustration on the pink paper without the illustration. It took me a while to figure out how to print double sided properly because the printers didn’t want to cooperate…


Cutting holes

In the end I had my designs printed on the papers. But next I had to start cutting the holes in the keyholes on the pink papers so that the poster text on the yellow would be visible when I glue them together. I cut the hole 25 times with a scalpel which took me about an hour. However half way through the fingers in my right hand were numb. I couldn’t even feel them because I had been pressing the scalpel so hard. I couldn’t keep cutting with my right hand anymore. I had to change and cut the rest using my left hand (even though I’m right handed).

Cutting the keyholes with a scalpel


When I had cut them all it was already 7pm and decided it was time to go home. I left my creations in our studio room because I didn’t have anything in which to carry them home. In Atlantis they just rolled the papers up for me.

At home

When I got home I started looking at the one trial zine (picture above) that I had finished. I was horrified to notice that my article had loads of typos!! And I had already printed it on all the 25 yellow papers!!! It was too bad to leave it like that. Also I had made the title on the front cover a bit bigger than my plan was before, which I didn’t like now after all. I decided that I would go back to Atlantis first thing in the morning and by more yellow paper and do the whole thing again.

Buying paper (again)

This morning I got up and went to the shop as soon as they opened. When I was there I started to hesitate about buying yellow because it was so light and to me it looked too plain. I spent so long there thinking whether I should change color or not. In my sketches I had tried many color combinations but in the shop the colors where a bit different from what I really wanted. Eventually though I did buy 7 sheets of green A1’s. And I am happy that I did because I think the zine looks better with the green paper. The cover and the article side looks more interesting, and on the poster side the effect of seeing one color through the other is stronger.

Cutting and printing (again)

I traveled to uni and started the same cutting that I had done yesterday: A1’s into A3’s. And then corrected all the typos and printed the article side and the poster text again.

The article side printed onto the new green A3

The job after printing was to glue the green papers and pink papers together. Silvia brought some spray glue with her for me to use when she came to the library. Yesterday I tried glueing the trial with a normal glue stick but the result was not good. It made the papers too stiff and creasy.

I went outside to do the glueing with the spray. They turned out well but half way through I ran out of glue and I had to quick pop into a shop to buy more.

Folding and cutting

When all was glued I returned inside to do the folding and cutting the corners of the top of the paper (house shape). First I folded all the poster zines and put them under a stack of heavy books to flatten. Then I cut the corners in all of them using a small guillotine.


After I had printed, glued, folded and cut all the 25 copies of my poster zine I packed up and went home happy!:)

The finished poster zine and how it works:

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