Grand Visual – surprising and fun!

This week we had a really great visitor at uni who came to give us a talk. His name was Dan Dawson and he is the Chief Creative Technology Officer of a production and creative technology company called Grand Visual, (link to their website). He talked to us about the company and their projects which looked really fun and amazing. He told us to close our notebooks and just listen as they most of the times do when they are having meetings with clients about briefs. I can’t remember every detail of the talk because I don’t have notes, so I am writing about the most memorable stuff.

They use technology in a creative way to create publicity and advertising for brands. He showed us a few videos about some of the projects they have done and I absolutely loved them! I think they are amazing! They are fun, interactive and definitely on the side promote the brand the production is advertising.

The first video below is about an interactive wall at a mall that Grand Visual made for Disney. The whole thing looks just fun and it clearly makes people want to get involved and try how it works. I wish I had been at that mall when the wall was there!


This second video is about a a production that Grand Visual made for Pepsi. It is an amazing idea to catch people’s attention at a bus stop with the screen where digital meets real life. Also in this video it looks like people are really enjoying it. It is raises all kinds of feelings in people: amusement, curiosity, startle, surprise.. Again I would have loved to  experienced this at a random bus stop in London when you are just in your own thoughts and suddenly you see something extra ordinary like UFO’s lying towards you.


This third video (below) that Dan Dawson showed us is a virtual portal between London and Los Angeles. It is really impressive how they’ve managed to do it. I guess, as Dan said, the technology is quite simple: just two screens and two cameras that send live feed to each other. The main thing is to think of how to take advantage of it. The reaction from the public is just as intrigued and joyful as in the two other productions, (no wonder!). Though, I wonder if they actually realize that the video they see is live? I wouldn’t necessarily think that it is even possible that this otherwise normal looking advertising screen is showing live video from the other side of the world.

All in all, Grand Visual seems like a great company that must have some genius extra ordinary creative minds behind their productions. I bet they have lots of fun making and designing their projects! Hopefully I can someday spot one of their projects somewhere in the city.




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