Publishing Unbound presentation box

On Friday everybody brought in 25 copies of their poster zine and everyone got one of everyone’s. It was really exciting to see what everyone had done and what style and methods they had used.

Everybody’s poster zines laid out on a table

The next thing is to do a some kind of presentation box/binding method that would hold all the 20 different poster zines (one from every student in the class). I had already made sketches about the possible binding methods which I showed to the teacher on Friday. I had chosen to go for the idea no. 3 (see picture below) but the teacher recommended that I’d do 3 sections instead of only two and only put maximum 3 zines per pocket. On Saturday I made a mock-up version of the plan and I learned that I must make the 3 sections wide enough (1,5 cm instead of 1 cm), so that all the poster zones fit and it can close nicely.

Making the folder

On Monady I started making the final version of my binding method. First in the morning I needed to go to Atlantis (an art materials shop) to buy paper, card and glue for my piece. I had decided to by black because then the colorful poster zines would really pop out. So, I bought black A1 paper (thickness 300 g) for the main bit to fold it, thinner black A1 paper (thickness 150 g) for the pockets, black A3 mount board for the cover, glue and tracing paper. And after shopping I went to uni library where I could cut all the materials smaller with a big guillotine.

After I had first cut the pieces I needed, then I started folding them and gluing them together.

After I had finished the cutting, folding and gluing I went home and tried how the zines fit into the folder. I was very happy about how they fit and how they look in the folder.


Decorating the folder

After that on Tuesday day I moved on to doing and designing the cover. First I painted the white edges of the thick card black. I didn’t like how they were showing on all sides.

I also made the front cover which took quite long. I didn’t know how I would do the project title on the cover, what style, and how I could use the colors from my poster zine. My idea was first to paint the title but after I tried on a separate black paper I realized that I can’t get the exact same colors. So, I decided to cut the title out of paper. It was quite difficult to cut it accurately., but in the end I managed to do it. I still painted my mane and Studio Impression on the cover with green paint that I managed to mix quite well to match the green paper.

On Wednesday, I was finally at the point where I now needed to only do the back side of the folder. It took me the whole day! When I started in the morning I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to write names of all the companies used in everyone’s zines. I just didn’t know how I would do that.

I decided to paint them even though I can’t mix the exact same green and pink. I started the process by sketching the layout in paper and then transferring it to the folder with tracing paper. I struggled with trying to fit all the names to the back while it looking nice, but after hours of sketching I did it!

copying the typography layout to the folder with tracing paper

Once the text outline was on the black paper, I now needed to plan which names are which colors and then just paint them. I was quite happy with how the paint I mixed was again almost the same color as the green and pink papers.

the back painted
Finished Binding Method
The front cover
Everbody’s poster zines in the pockets
The back of the folder
the whole Publishing Unbound collection

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