Volunteering at Magazines for Good event

Yesterday I got to spend a day with Stack Magazines volunteering at their charity magazine sale at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. The opportunity arose through my Studio Impression teacher Angharad who had been in touch with the organizer. When she asked if I was interested I immediately agreed!

I got there at 11 am yesterday and started the day by putting the magazines out on a huge table (and chairs because they had so much magazines that we ran out of room). At 12 the event officially started. It was a buzzing day, people browsing through the magazines and buying magazines. I kept making sure the didn’t look messy and when empty spots appeared I filled them with new magazines that we didn’t have room for yet.


By the end of the event at 5 pm almost all magazines were sold and we had raised just under £2,500 during the day from the magazines!! That’s pretty amazing! The money will be donated to the charity next week.

In the end of the day I also was allowed to take some of the remaining magazines done for free! It was difficult to choose because during the day as was able to browse through the magazines and there were so many interesting ones. It wasn’t ideal to be carrying a cardboard box full of magazines home in the rain, but what can you do, it was all worth it. The whole day was such amazing experience!

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