Christmas Exhibition

Today was the last day of this term. But before the Christmas break could begin we still had one activity left: the exhibitions! Each class had set up an exhibition in their studio room displaying the work from this term. My class, Studio Impression, worked hard last Friday and this Monday to make our studio look amazing!

Setting up

In Studio Impression the main project this term was the poster zines and presentation boxes (links: Poster zine blog postPresentation box blog post). We wanted to make sure that these were well displayed, so we hang the posters from the ceiling with fishing line so that both sides of the zines could be seen. Everybody’s presentation boxes we placed under their poster on a long table.  It wasn’t easy to hang all the 20 posters at the same height and symmetrically in the middle. It took us some time to figure out the best way to do this bu tin the end it turned out looking great!

Everybody’s poster zines hanging in a row
Poster zines hanging and presentation boxes on the table

We also made placards from the studio slogan posters that we designed for this purpose a few weeks ago (link: Exhibition placard blog post). In one corner of the studio we put work in progress on a wall. And on the opposite side of the room we set up a “library” that consisted of books that were relevant to the project. Each student brought in one book. We also took over the hallway a bit by attaching our studio signs to the walls and creating a huge arrow to people show the way to our exhibition.

The placards
My placard design in the middle
Work in progress/development
The library
The hallway outside of our studio
Exhibition day

Today then everybody could see our exhibition and we could see everybody else’s. It was really interesting to see what kind of projects the other studios have been doing this term. They were all so different and interesting.

Studio Impression


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