Pastiche experimentation

Before the Christmas break I started experimenting with the Pastiche project. On the basis of my research (link: HandmadeFont.Com blog post) I decided to try to make letters out of food. So I started off by listing foods that I could use and then I went to Tesco. I bought many things to experiment with: spaghetti, puff pastry, candy, green beans, mince beef, cookies and cucumber. When I got back home from the shop I started planning which food I could use for which letters. My plan was to write “JUICY FONT. HAND MADE FONT”.

the ingredients for my experimentation
a picture of my sketch book

Then I started actually making, baking and frying the letters!

First I used the pastry to make a few letters. I put them in the oven and set my camera to film how they change while baking. I was thinking I could then increase the speed of the video clip and use it as a part of my Pastiche video. Unfortunately though, the pastry didn’t look that different after baking so the video clip wasn’t that exciting…

I also molded letters from mince beef and fried them on a pan.

The rest of the experiments didn’t need cooking like the pastry and beef. Cookies I just needed to break and arrange in the right shape, (and take a lot of pictures to construct a series showing the transformation). I also took video of the cookies falling onto a table.

And same with a cucumber..

I also took a video of green beans and candy falling onto a table, and video and pictures of spaghetti boiling. Then I formed letters from them too for the final typography.



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