It’s space that makes typography!

To prepare for this weeks CIP lesson we had to watch this very short video clip about Massimo Vignelli talking about typography and space. Even though it is only 23 seconds long, it was very interesting to watch and Vignelli’s thought is really intriguing. The video is full of great quotes! A lot of good knowledge in a short clip!

I also found some examples on Google image search that show exactly what Massimo Vignelli is talking about.

I immediately thought of Pixar when I started looking for examples about the importance of spacing.
I found this on on Google and thought that it is a great example of how space makes the meaning. It is almost like a one-word concrete poem.
I came across this album cover last week when I was researching Tibor Kalman for my Impression studio work. In this one spacing is the core thing of the typography.
I found this one on Google by searching negative space. It is quite clever!

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