Interesting books & interesting layouts

Today a new brief was introduced to us. The project is to create a portfolio which contains all the project and outcomes that we have this academic year. It is to be done in the format of a printed or handmade book as well as published digitally. To prepare for the process to come we did a little exercise with books and grids.

Everyone had to go to the library and choose one book that they found interesting. I looked around me between the shelves and saw a few potential options. In the end I noticed a black velvet cover book with bright green text that caught my eye. The look of the book was interesting as well as the feel of the velvet material. The typeface was quite playful and the green color on the black cover popped out in the middle of the hundreds of books in the library. When I opened the book, the layout was interesting too. The text columns weren’t straight vertically but some leaning slightly to the left and some to the right. As the next phase of the task was to sketch some page layouts from the book onto a paper, I though this book would be an interesting one to do.


As we were working on this exercise I couldn’t help but notice how similar the idea behind it was to the workshop we once had with Alistar in the Impression studio. Back then we had to figure out grids of magazines with tracing paper and re-create the page in InDesign. Now we had to draw a model of the page. (Read more about that here.)

Next I started sketching the pages onto a paper. It wasn’t easy to draw a small scale version of the real page and get the right angle for the text columns. And what made it even more difficult was that I didn’t even have a ruler so I had to just estimate:S Also my chosen book had a lot of images cut out of their background (so the image box wasn’t rectangular) which made them difficult to represent in the sketches.

my sketches from today and pictures of the original pages

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