Countless different papers

On Friday Alyson Hurst from G.F Smith, a British paper company, came to our class to talk to us about different papers. She talked about the different qualities different papers have and also showed us really interesting examples of creative solutions.

Paper choices

She said they want to inspire people to use different papers. There are more choices that you probably think. Just choosing the right white paper makes a huge difference. Some whites are warm, yellowy, some are more blueish, some have more texture than others, some are coated and some uncoated. Different papers also have different feel, which is important to consider as well. You want the reader to get the right impression when they pick the book up. Papers also have different uses, (some are good for digital printing etc.).

G.F Smith paper selection

The coating possibilities are matt, gloss and satin, UV vanish. The benefit of coating is that it fills the fiber gaps in the paper and that way creates a smooth surface which allows greater accuracy of color and detail in printing.

Uncoated papers, however, can offer more interesting textures even though in printing you can’t have as mush detail. Color paper is generally uncotaed.

Examples of interesting uses
A booklet using different page sizes
The booklet was bound together by folding the cover paper and sticking it through a slit in the middle and securing it with a piece of paper put through it.

The first example was really an interesting one. It consisted of different paper sizes, different texture and color each. Also the binding was really unique! I would have never thought of that.

She also made a really good comment about French folding (which applies to other folding as well): by inventing an interesting way of folding something, “you can make more than a book out of a book”.

A folder created by folding an A3 in a unique way.
A double sided booklet.

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