Kate Moross

This week’s research “subject” for CIP was Kate Moross, a London based designer, illustrator and art director. She has a very distinct style which moves around hand-drawn typography, bright colors and patterns. In the video that we were given to watch (link here) she talks about her way of working. Ever since she was young she has just gone and bought magazines that she liked and drawn logos from them and drawn typography. She said that she finds patterns interesting because she likes the idea of making something bigger out of lots of small things. Her way of working sounds like an effortless way to approach design. She just goes and does what she finds enjoyable and what feels natural to her, and then uses those skills in her professional work.

Pattern tutorial

I also did a pattern making tutorial which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. It was really fun and I learned things about Adobe Illustrator that I didn’t know before. The tutorial walks you through, step by step, creating a pattern/swatch, editing the pattern, and applying it to shapes. As a starting point they have provided an Illustrator document on which I then applied my experiment patterns.

Patterns that I like

After the tutorial searched patterns on Google and collected a few that I liked the style of. The more patterns I saw, the more clear it became to me what the common things between the ones I liked was. They weren’t too symmetrical/geometrical, the pattern isn’t too small, and they aren’t too colorful. Here are some examples:


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