Pastiche experimentation 2

This weekend I did more pastiche experiments. I tried making a stop motion video with pasta, vitamin pills and toilet paper.  One of my classmates told me about an app called Stop Motion a few days ago and I wanted to try it. The app was handy and pretty good. The problem was to keep my phone still while filming it.

The clip where I used toilet paper to form letters was really bad because the camera moved after each shot. I had it in my hand and every time I had to move the toilet paper I had to put the phone aside and when I picked it up again the camera was in a completely differently place than before. Before trying to film pasta and vitamins, I devised a way to attache my phone to my tripod pointing downwards. That made the video much better. I like the pill video. It looks nice then the small round pills move around on a black background. I could use that in my outcome.

I think I will make my actual Pastiche video in the app too. It was s o easy to use. I still need to figure out what it is that I will really do. Right now I’m not sure.

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