Pastiche video experimentation

Today I tried making a video out of the material that I have from my experiments. I have quite a lot of pictures and some video that I tried to put in Premiere. I haven’t got much experience in using Premiere. The only time that I have used it was the way finding exercise that we did in the beginning of the year, and there we learned only the very very basics. So my goal today wasn’t to make my final video straight away, only to have a go and try what I can do. I just imported my material and tried to arrange it in the timeline. That wasn’t difficult. I also found some music to add to the video but then I remembered that we can only use copyright free music. One other student had found a website where you can download music like that legally and put the link in his blog. So I went on that website too and found two different fun and happy sounding soundtracks that I think supports the atmosphere that I want my video to have. I made two video experiments and tried them both.

The difficult part of Premiere was trying to add any fancy transitions between pictures. I have used Windows Moviemaker a few times before on my own and there those sorts of things are really simple. In Premiere I just couldn’t figure out how to do anything. I wanted to add a black screen with a title in the beginning, and even that was somehow so difficult to do and made me frustrated. I also couldn’t find how to fade the image and sound off in the end of the videos. I still kind of like the videos experiments that I managed to create even though they don’t look professional at all. I definitely need some practice before I make my final video!

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