Sofia Clausse

On Friday we had an inspiring talk from Sofia Clausse (see her website here). She’s a young graphic designer originally from Argentina but currently based in London. She focuses a lot on typography and her travels to different countries have been part of her inspiration.

Growing up in Argentina she really liked the colorful posters and political messages she could see everywhere. That same style is something she has now later been able to use in her own work. When she moved to Portugal she again payed attention to typographic details in the city. For example she told us about the street names that have been hand-painted on tiles and each one is an unique piece of typography. I found the pictures of these tiles quite interesting too! They were beautiful and intriguing. It is a shame that nowadays it its rare to see that much effort put into something so normal and common as street signs.

similar example I found on Google

She went to university in the USA and after that she got a job at Nike. She also worked in Brazil on a project about street culture. And now she has come to the UK to work for Google.

Personal Projects

In addition to professional work she also likes to do her own projects and she thinks that is really important when applying for a job. Personal projects are what employers wanna see, that’s what catches their eye and what shows them what the designer likes and what their style is.

She stared experimenting with type already in university and has continued ever since. She recommended a book called Detail in Typography which helped her go back to the basics. The book talks about the subtle but extremely important details in type and letters. She learned that you must make a letter “a little bit wrong to make it right” because of the optical illusions and mathematics create.


She  likes to add movement to type to bring it alive. A video or an animation may not be the final outcome but a part of the process on the way or experimentation. She also likes to take her work outside to let it interact with the surroundings.

Another thing that she likes to do it to create her own tools. She showed us pictures of tools where she has taped pencils or brushes together or cut brushes into a unique shape to the a different line.

I think she gave us some really good advice and seeing what all she has done and experiences was really inspiring. I think she does what she finds enjoyable and she is very passionate about what she does, and that shows in her work. You couldn’t help but enjoy her enthusiasm and happy attitude!

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