Anthology re-design pitch


Cameron designed our cover concept. The idea was that all the authors of the stories would write their own name in their own handwriting for the cover. This would show that the book is a collection of writing from many different authors. We also wanted to stick to our color scheme (white, black and green).


For the typeface we chose Garamond Pro. It clear and easy to read and it looks professional. We thought it suits well for literature. For the body copy we used point size 9.


We separated each piece of writing with a green page with the short summary of the text. We leveled the title and the beginning of the text on the page next to it on the same level. We also used drop caps in the beginning of each story to draw more attention to where the text begins.


We wanted to give all pages quite a lot of white space around the text. That makes it nicer and more inviting to read. It also looks much better thought through. The book size is a bit bigger than A5, it is 220 x 155 mm.PowerPoint-esitys

We also thought about how the poems would be laid out on a page. We thought that I is important to have only one poem per page to allow it the attention it deserves before moving on to the next poem.


For paper we chose uncoated, off-white, paper. For pages Accent smooth 120gsm and cover Munken Design 300gsm


We chose perfect bound for the main Anthology book. It looks professional and well produced.


The appendix that includes all the authors’ commentary and bibliographies would be stapled. The appendix would be a bit smaller that the book itself and it would be printed onto thinner paper so that it can be placed between the book.


We also wanted to make matching bookmarks for the Anthology. Having a bookmark would make it easier to find the right place, e.g. at public readings. The bookmarks would be screen printed at uni.

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