Central Illustration Agency

“Once upon a time there was an illustrator. Somebody started to take out his folio and seven other illustrators thought they’d like that somebody to take out their folios too. Eight illustrators became eighty illustrators, the somebody became several people, the whole lot became the Central Illustration Agency.”

Central Illustration Agency

This week the subject of the thought of the week Central Illustration Agency. I took a look at their website and browsed through the list of illustrators (link). The range of illustrators and their skills are impressive! I didn’t like everybody’s style but still I can see that all the people represented by CIA are extremely skilled. There were a few people who’s style I really liked though. The reason why I liked those illustrators was that their drawings look appealing to me, and also because  they have similar style that I like and that I could imagine to use in my work. I saved some pictures on my computer for future reference. Here are some examples of the work of the people that I stood out for me:

Brian Grimwood

  • I liked his abstract and simplistic style, ink-like black likes, and stylized characters.


Jitesh Patel

  • I like how he combines drawing and typography in these pictures


Jonathan Gibbs

  • I like his abstract black and white drawings


Ulla Puggard

  • I really like her simple black and white style. Her illustrations look simple but at the same time they are full of meaning.


Jonas Bergstrand

  • I really like how he has combined collage and illustration in these pictures.



Ben Fearnley

  • This one clearly is the odd one out of these examples that I have listed here. This one is not the style I usually like but I really liked this picture because of the colors, glossy 3D effect, and the happy and light feeling.



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