A visit to Calverts press

On Friday we visited Calverts co-operative in Bethnal Green in East London. Calverts is a “design, print and production house that specialize in branding, content, web, publications and sustainable print” (link to their website). They started as Calvert’s North Star Press Ltd in 1977. We learned about them as a company and their history. What is interesting about them is that they are a co-operative of 12 people. They all do everything in the company and they all get paid the same.

The original sign of Calvert’s North Star Pess Ltd.

The visit was full of new and interesting information. Our guide was very friendly and helpful. He explained everything clearly and went into detail in every part of the tour. I have never before understood the differences between digital, lithograph, offset, and risograph printing. He explained to us very well how the different printing methods work, why they work like that, and why the outcomes with each type of printing come out the way they do. At least for me that was the important factor that made the whole visit so great! We got to see all the printing machines and found out lots of  interesting practical facts about them and the printing process.

We also got some very useful advice and suggestions for our Anthology project in terms of printing and what we can do with our budget and what we should think about. He said the best option for us would be digital printing because of the cost. Lithograph would be too expensive for such a small amount of copies (300).

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