Visual response development 1

After getting feedback on my idea for the visual response to a text, I did more experiments and started developing it further in Photoshop.


The feedback I got from the teacher said that my base idea is good. To take it further, I should think about the 3 elements separately (background text, bigger text, and the river). I should define each of them and then bring them together. I also could think about not placing the big text on top of the river line but instead thinking of them as layers of a collage. Also I should think carefully about my typeface choice(s).

walkies individual response v2.
My initial idea for the visual response that I started developing after feedback.


Background text

First I started defining the background text. I created a whole new InDesign document and copied all my text into it. I tried many different typefaces in InDesign and also searched for different ones on Google. I thought script fonts looked nice for the background because they created a nice texture and looked almost like grass. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try any of the fonts I found on Google because the uni computer didn’t allow me to install new font for InDesign without admin password.



After the background text I got an idea that I should add a forth element in the project: a picture of a kingfisher bird. It is mentioned in the very end of the story, but at least for me it was for some reason a memorable part. So I searched pictures of the bird on Google and tried to edit one in Illustrator to fit my design. I wasn’t sure yet where to place the picture on the main design, but the position became clearer when I added the river to the design too.



Next I started developing the river element of the design. I printed out the picture of the river that I used in my initial idea. I placed an empty paper on top of the printout and copied the line. Then I painted the line with ink to make it darker and thicker. I also tried wetter versions of the same by first painting a lot of water on the paper and then adding the ink so that the ink smudged.

When the ink paintings were dry, I scanned them and adjusted the contrast and brightness in Photoshop before trying them in the main design. The smudged one looked too messy to me. I think the clear line looked the best, so I decided to use that. I rotated it to the right so it won’t be directly under the bigger text that also will be in the shape of the river.


Big text

Lastly I started working on the big text in the shape of the river Lea. I chose a slightly contrasting typeface in order it to stand out from the background text. I also adjusted the space between the lines to smaller so that the words will create the shape more clearly.  I used the river line underneath as a model for the shape when I started picking out the words that the river would consist of.

I will still have to edit and and develop some things but this is how all the elements ended up looking together so far:

visual response v4a



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