Layout design and photography 

Today was a good and productive day! 🙂 Today’s aim was to take pictures for the Collection book during class time and I really tried to take advantage of this time.

Yesterday I did some thinking about how I want my book’s layout to look like and what kind of pictures I should take. I created a new InDesign document because my first version was A3 size and I thought a more unique size could be better. So after looking at a few books in the uni library for reference I decided to do 297×370 mm which is the width of a normal A3 but a bit shorter in height. I also looked at the inspiring pictures that I had already collected. I liked the text layout in the pictures below where the text fills up the whole page but when I tried it in my new document, it didn’t look that nice. So I went back to my original idea where I have 3 column grid and lots of white space around the text boxes. But I liked the textures in the same pictures and I really wanted to somehow bring a similar feeling to my book. So I searched for pictures on Google that have the same feel.

Layouts from a magazine that I liked:

The textures that that I found on Google:

I also started thinking about what pictures I should take today. And since my idea is to use pictures of art supplies “collection” in the divider pages, I looked up some pictures on Google for inspiration. (I got the collections idea from last week’s hot house talk. Read more about it here: Nina Chakrabarti).

tumblr_nkc8u0Q6Kb1tdt18ao6_1280 copy
A picture that I found on Google. It is the style I would like my section dividers to be in my book.

Yesterday I placed all pictures I found into my document to test how it would look, and today I tried to take similar pictures of my own. I brought all my paint brushes, paints and pencils with me to take “collection” pictures of them. I also thought about scissors, screen-printing equipment and letterpress but I didn’t get that far today. I took pictures of my brushes, paints and pencils on the screen-printing room floor because there is a small bit of concrete that is a nice texture. Afterwards I changed the pictures to black and white and then edited the color into pink to fit my book’s color theme.

This is what I got:

I also tried how they would look like in the book. I was working on the design at the computer in the studio room and the photography teacher came over to have a look. She suggested that I would take the title colors (black or white) down to maybe 70%. That way they would look more like a part of the picture and more harmonic. I thought it was a great suggestion. I didn’t realize how big the difference was before I was it! I think the spreads looked quite good with the new pictures and  the improved design/layout. This is how they look now:

thoughts of the week spread

souvenir spred

I really enjoyed the whole day and I also got a lot done. The process gave me ideas and defined my concept further. During the day I also took pictures of the work I have done so far this year. But I took the pictures in front of a white back drop, so when I placed them in the book, it did’t look right. It looked way too lain and advertisement like. I will have to take more pictures of the work in a more interesting environment. I’m not sure yet where, but I must think of something that would fit the style of the book.

photography session
The set up I had for photographing my project outcomes. It did’t work with the rest of the book.



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