Visual response development 3

Today I came to uni to get some advice from my teacher on where to go with the design. I showed her what I had done this weekend and told her that I feel lost and don’t know what to do with it. She thought agreed that the typographic river is much better now and that the bird and background text are distracting and the bird just seems like an add-on.

After the tutorial I first tried to do a mock-up using a map of the area where the story is set in the background of the type as the teacher suggested. I quite like the look of it but I can’t get maps like that in time from anywhere.

Next I started developing the strongest experiment from the weekend. I made the typographic river better by adjusting the gaps between letters which made it more unified. I also added words to the edges so that it looks like the river runs past the edges of the paper, like the teacher suggested. When the design was more defined, I did color mock-ups in Photoshop representing the possible screen-printing outcomes. I tried so many color combinations. Here are a few examples:

I think my favorites are the ones on white background. The greens and blues in those would match the story and the river theme quite well. I also like the white ink on white ink in No. 8. It looks nice how the layers blend into each other. No. 15 is quite strong too. I don’t really like No. 11 and 14 – the colors look a bit ugly to me. However, they are the colors of a kingfisher which ties it to the story. The black background in No. 10 looks really strong but I don’t really see the relevance to the story or the message. I think I’m gonna give it a bit more time and keep thinking about the colors and try to come to uni on Wednesday to do the finished screenprints. I hope the outcome will be good!



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