Printing my visual response

After making so many experiments and Photoshop mock-ups I chose the color combination where the river is black and text is green and they are printed on white background. I liked how the river looked when I painted it with ink so I wanted to keep that black ink color. When I wasn’t sure about what color to use my teacher told me to go back to the text and see if there is any reference made about color. The main thing that pops us is nature so that is why I thought green would reflect that aspect of the text.

test 23

Next I had to go and by paper. I went to Atlantis early in the morning and I bought white A1 sheets and thinner beige A1 sheets that I can use for screenprint tests before printing on the good paper. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the printing stage yet because the screenprinting room was used by another course half of the day. I was still able to start making the positives which didn’t go so well…

First I had to choose two screens and wash them which took forever! The screens were dirty and I wasn’t sure how much you must wash it. How do you know if the screen is dirty or if it is only a ghost image?? Well, I just kept washing and washing as long as I had patience to.

After the screens had dried I moved to coating them. What a disaster it was! For some reason I thought that you need to coat both sides of the screen. I managed to do so to one of my screens before I was told that is NOT what you are supposed to do. I thought the whole screen is now ruined and that I must start from the beginning and wash and dry it again. Luckily, the teacher told me when I asked that not all hope is lost yet. I may just have to keep it in the exposure machine longer so that the light gets through the coating layer properly. I was still worried because the paper I printed my master on is quite thick too, 150gsm if I remember correctly. But one of my classmates had printed his on 180gsm and kept the screen in the exposure machine for 120 units (wheres normal photo copy only needs 18) and it came out fine. I didn’t have time to move to the exposure phase yet but at least the screens will be dry and waiting for me tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed exposing will go well and I won’t have to start all over again. If I do, I will run out of time because we must have these ready by Friday!

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