My final visual response

On Wednesday the screenprinting room opened at 1pm so I went there straight away. I was the only one there for some time but it didn’t matter, in fact it was just better. I could concentrate and nobody was in my way. 

I took my screens and my masters and went to the exposure machine prepared for the worst because I had coated one screen on both sides on Tuesday. I was expecting the exposure not to work and I would have to start from the beginning. I did exposed the screen that had been correctly coated so that I could at least start printin with that one. I put it into the machine for 60 units because of the thickness of my paper and it turned out fine. I took my time washing it with soft setting of the power washer because I didn’t want to was the stencil off like I did with Hussein in a workshop. I did not have time for mistakes now!

While that screen was drying, I exposed the double coated screen. I was so afraid to find out what happens. I put the screen in the machine for 65 units just in case. For my relief it came out fine. The exposure worked but washing the photo emulsion off the double coated screen was painful. It must have taken me at least 30 mins to was the whole screen while trying not to break the stencil. It was a bit embarrassing to take that long when other people started coming in the room to work on their projects and wanted to use the washer too. But in the end I had two well washed and properly exposed screens. Thank god! Next I just had to print.

Printing was quite easy and would have been quick too if there weren’t that many people wanting to use the tables. I only had time to print the black layers and a few green layers before it was time to clean up and close the room. In order to be able to finish my prints, I had to go there quickly at lunch yesterday and do a super quick printing session in 45 minutes before CCS. Luckily everything was ready for printing. I just had to take my stuff to the table and do a couple of prints and wash and that was it. I had to rush but I got everything done that I needed for todays exhibition. 

I am quite happy with my outcomes (see picture below). When I hung them on the wall of our studio to show in the exhibition I was really satisfied with them. They could almost work as a edition of 3 too. Also the prints that I did on the beige paper that I was only planning to use for tests ended up looking really nice. I’m not even sure which is better, white or beige background. I must think about it and decided before the final submission in the end of May. At the exhibition today, I got positive feedback also from many others about them which made me happy.

IMG_0728 copy
My final responses on display at the Easter exhibition.

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