Flat plan workshop

Today we started our 3rd and final project. It is a catalogue/publication for the Visual Communicaton Summer Show in the end of June. As a group we will design a publication that introduces all the studios and level 4 and features pictures of students studio work. The idea is to to it in the format of a booklet that will also form the exhibition signage when taken apart.

To get a better understanding of what we will be designing and how it is supposed to work, we had a half a day workshop about flat plans. I had never made one so it was quite a useful session. We started by constricting an editorial flat plan for a 16-page booklet. This flat plan presents pages in the order where you see them then you are reading the booklet. It wasn’t really difficult at all. You just had to go though the booklet and number the pages. We also marked every other page as a picture page and the others as text pages. Next we separated all the folded leaves and created a printing flat plan which shows how you need to design the booklet in order to get the right things next to each other. We just looked at each double page spread, front and back and wrote down what page numbers are next to each other. This wasn’t really difficult either but very very useful. I am sure I will need to use this process again at some point in the future.

After that we combined 4 of those 16-page booklets to create a mock-up of the whole publication that we will be making. It will have 16 pages for each studio out of which 8 will create the sign for the studio. We went though the mock-up page by page and drew a editorial flat plan for the whole 62-page publication. It was more laborious and it was more easy to get confused and make mistakes while doing this. But we did it as a group all together so it didn’t take too long. We even color coded the pages to indicate which pages are for which studio. I am sure the flat plan will help us later on when we are putting the designs together.

Editorial flat plan of a 62-page publication.

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