Riso workshop

Yesterday in Studio Impression we had a practical riso printing workshop. I had never before used a riso printer so I was excited to try it. However, I have been a bit skeptical about riso because the uni only has 4 colors + black. Also the process sounds so complicated and what is the difference in the result compared to a normal printer. Still, in the end of the workshop I was happy with the result I got, and all in all happy with the whole workshop.


In the beginning of the workshop we had to do some visual research on riso prints to get ideas for our own designs. I found so interesting ones on Pinterest.com. I like to prints where they have used photographs to create a collage. I also like the the use of color and how the different colors create the composition.


For our own designs we were allowed to use maximum 3 different colors and the paper size should be A3. I wanted to either create a pattern or do a collage out of photographs. I tried many different things in Photoshop but I was stuck. I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly and my random experiments didn’t look good. Everything felt too difficult and I started to get really frustrated.

As my last try, I googled cool black and white pictures and found a cat with funky glasses. I decided to use that but re-do the glasses. I placed a camera lens inside the glasses and a ray pattern behind the cat (in two parts – positive and negative). Both of those were elements that I had already used in my earlier experiments. This is what my design looked:

my riso poster design

Next I just had to separate the layers into three different images. / three different colors. I thought I could use back for the car, and green and yellow for the background and camera eyes. This is how I separated the layers and also the order I printed them in:


It was a bit confusing to me how to create the masters and what way the paper goes in and how to change the color drums, but luckily a few of my classmates had used the machine before so they knew how it works. My first try wasn’t succesful because after the yellow layer I put the paper back in the wrong way so the green layer printed on top of the yellow. Bu the prints after that came out well and I was really happy with the result! 😀

my first try
riso poster
my finished riso printed poster



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