Brainstorm for the Kickstarter project

Today our final CIP brief was introduced to us. The task is to create a Kickstarter campaign/page based on the Market Ready project that we did before Christmas. The first problem that my group faced when we got time to start thinking about ideas as a group was that our Market Ready products were only cards and stickers which would be difficult to turn into a Kickstarter campaign that would attract people. Also the theme of the stickers and cards was Christmas because of the timing of the market. Now in April however, it would be pointless to do a Kickstarter page trying to sell Christmas cards.

So we started to think how we could change our idea into something more suitable for Kickstarter. We also thought that we should do something that has more to it than just a nice color scheme and illustrations. One question from Ee hit the nail right on the head: What would be something that we are interested in at the moment? What would we like to buy? Hannah replied to that, “dogs”. I guess we were first just joking around about the idea of making dog related stuff but then somehow it lead to an idea that we all thought could work. We should make matching accessories/clothes for dogs and their owners!!! We thought about a collar for the dog and a bracelet for the owner. We could also put the same design in t-shirts and tote bags for the humans to make the collection bigger and more attractive to prospective donators.

With this idea the stress would not be on the illustrations that we would somehow try to all make look unified. Last time it didn’t work and we tried to pull them together by limiting the color palette to mint green and pastel pink, which wasn’t a success. So, this time we would only have to make a few simple designs to print on the matching products, and the cool idea and simple matching patterns in themselves would make the campaign interesting.

Of course if we change the idea from green and pink cards to matching clothes for dogs and humans, we should probably update the brand logo, and maybe even the brand name. From just a joke what I made we ended up updating Gum Up to Gum Pup. We would also make the logo black and white instead of mint green and pink to make it look more sleek and professional. We thought to assign this task to Ee since he made the original logo. However, I made a quick version of it in Photoshop to see how it could look.


Other tasks we divided roughly as follows:

  • Video: Puro and Catherine
  • illustrations for the page: Ee
  • copy for the page: Hannah
  • logo update: Ee
  • Social media: Hannah
  • Product design: Cameron and Billy

We also thought about the pledges and how much they would be and what they would include. After a few versions of the division we ended up with this:

  • 1£ ……………. A thank you note! (maybe an email)
  • 5£ ……………. A card with the design or a picture of a dog on it
  • 10£ ………….. A badge or a pin
  • 25£ ………….. Collar + Tote bag
  • 30£ ………….. Collar + T-shirt
  • 35£ ………….. Collar + Bracelet
  • 60£ ………….. Everything

By the end of the session we had all gotten really exited about our new idea. We all thought it was cool and funny and that we would also have fun working on it. We all kept throwing in ideas for the campaign and the video. We should definitely have Hannah’s dogs in the promo video!! I think we were all satisfied with were we got to with the initial planning and we also managed to create a Kickstarter page for this, even though there’s nothing on it yet.


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