Inventivity sign ideas

Tomorrow I will have to present my ideas for the Studio Inventivity sign which is part of the Summer Show catalog that we are working on at the moment. I have searched pictures online for inspiration and done type research. I started the process by looking up the studio spec and pulling out the important words from the text. The words that I though inscribed the studio the most were branding, surprising, weird, wonderful, and commercial context. To the list I would also like to add the words happy, colorful and fun. Those are the impressions that I have gotten from work displayed at the Studio Inventivity’s exhibitions. I found some pictures online that I thought reflected the studio. The pictures are all colorful and simple but fun.

Pictures from the Christmas and the spring exhibitions:

My studio spec research and pictures that I found and thought that they reflect Inventivity’s message:

Based on the photographs from the exhibitions and the images that I found, I started looking for fonts and drawing letter forms like in the inspiration pictures. I traced letters from the picture that says “Conversation” and tried to form “Inventivity” from them. The original doesn’t have a “Y” in it, so I tried to construct it from pieses from the “R” or the “T”. I liked that picture because it is full of colors and fun shapes. As soon as I saw it I thought it represented Inventivity studio perfectly.

Tiedosto_000 (2)

My second idea was to place each letter of the word “inventivity” into a tag like in the inspiration picture which says “Brand”. I Photoshopped  a mock-up which presents the idea:

inventivity 8

My third idea, and the one I personally liked the best, is built about Bauhaus 93 typeface. I thought that I would look cool if I made a shadow for the word “inventivity” and customized the shadow instead of the word itself. I made that in Photoshop too. I played with the shadow a bit to see what looks good. I stretched it and made some cut outs. I was quite happy about the idea. Interesting to hear what the others think about it.

Tiedosto_001 (1)

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