Collection book mock-up & feedback

This week we had to make a mock up of our Collection book and bring it in class to get feedback. I had already decided on the size and some layout aspects so I just printed out the pages that I had already done and filled the gaps with empty paper to show the right page count. It still wasn’t that easy. I had used really big font for the text which looked weird when I printed out some trial pages before printing out the whole mock up. Also the typeface that I used looked weird even though I thought on screen it looked alright. So I had to change these things before printing out more.

I reduced the font to 14 and did loads of typeface research. I had previously experienced difficulties with downloading and installing new typefaces on uni computers so I thought I’d try on my own computer this time at home. It was actually really easy and quite fun too just downloading new fonts from free font websites. I got maybe a bit carried away with doing it because I must have downloaded about 20 new fonts for my InDesign. I found some nice ones that to me at least look modern, stylish, and professional. After making changes to the font I printed out the mock up pages. I didn’t print out all of them in color because it would have costed a fortune to do just a mock up. I’ll rather spend that money on the real thing later on. Stil I thought they looked quite nice and they showed what my idea is.

For the cover I used basic grey board that I bought from Atlantis the day before. I didn’t want to glue my cover concept on it though because it is just a mock up and I could use the grey boards for something else some other time. I also didn’t bind the book together. I don’t have the rings yet that I have been planning on using for the binding. It would have been nice to attach at least one or two on it to show people my idea more clearly but I will just explain it to them myself.

I was really satisfied with the mock up and the direction that my book was moving to and I couldn’t wait to hear what the teachers think about it.

On Thursday I took my mock-up to class to get feedback. I got a lot of feedback from my classmates. Some of it I was really happy about because they thought my  divider page photographs we good and most of them thought the big, almost A3, size was impressive. A few of them thought that it was too big, though. Some parts of the feedback got me really confused, and the more I kept thinking about it and trying to understand why they thought so differently compared to my idea, the more confused I got. Some students though that I had too much text and too little pictures. Also the teachers’ feedback thought the same and said that since it is a graphic design book, it should be more visual. I felt like it was a bit unfair since the book clearly isn’t finished. I have barely taken any pictures of my work yet. The pages that already had pictures on them were good according to one of the teachers when I asked her about the feedback after the class. Other points in the teachers’ feedback were that my font size was still too big, the light pink text may bee too light, and that my ring binding idea isn’t really good for a bigger book than A5, which all I thought were fair enough comments. But she said too that I potentially got a really strong book developing. I just must re-think some things.

ring binding
My binding idea. For my book I would use 4-5 rings instead of only 2.
Feedback from my classmates.


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