Inventivity sign for the Summer Show

Today in Studio Impression we had a crit about our ideas for the Summer Show catalogue. My task had been to develop ideas for the Studio Inventivity sign. I talked about the idea that the teacher thought was the best. And I think it was the best too.  She preferred the design where the shadow is longer over the short shadow. When I was making it I thought that the long shadow was a bit distracting from the yellow Inventivity word but I do understand why she thought the long was better. I guess it looks bolder/more effective which makes it a better sign/poster for the summer show. She told me, however, to experiment with the layout and try to make it fit into the format of four A3’s. I was happy that the teacher and other students found the idea good and that I got to keep working with that one.

Microsoft Word - Document1
My sign design idea


I went to the library to develop the design based on the feedback. I tried cutting it in half like I had done with one if my other design ideas last week and placing it in two lines. I trie do rotate and edit the shadow to make the text legible. These are the 3 further experiments that I did:

I think the No. 1 is less legible that No. 2 because of how the yellow text is upside down and reading starts from the right. When I noticed that, I made the 2nd version so that the upside down yellow is just a mirror image of the original and the shadow can be read normally. I still wasn’t sure about the composition and shape of the typography so I made the 3rd experiment which looks like a poster. I actually really like the 3rd version. It looks good and it is easily legible, I think. It could be divided into 4 portrait A3’s which together form the sign when the puzzle is completed. I also tried to make some small changes to the grey Y shadow because on the upper shadow lever there are 3 letters that have had modifications made to them, but on the lower level there are only the two letter I’s. I think version 3b is better because the changes change the silhouette of the letter like in the other letters too, instead of cutting out small squares in 3a.

I am happy with the changes I managed to do today to the design and I am interested in hearing what the others think of the development!

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