Riso and sign experimentation 1

After a feedback session about my initial sign ideas and developing the design further, my teacher and I agreed these two designs were the best ones (see below). I liked the rectangular design better but she preferred the jagged design. I had already printed out positives for the rectangular one to try the riso printing with so I just experimented with that for now. The experiments will still show how the text and the shadow look together.

I separated the text and the shadow into two layers/two positives (see below). The black was supposed to be printed using yellow ink and the grey with black ink, but then I was told that we can only use one color after all, no black. Instead of my original plan, the black would be yellow and the grey would just be lighter yellow. I was worried that it might be too light because yellow in general is a light color. I was still happy to try how it turns out but I also wanted to try black ink just see what my original plan would have looked like.

The printing process was really quick because everything went perfectly without any problems. When I compared the two different versions, I actually noticed that I think that I like it without the grey shadow better. The yellow shadow is more subtle and the whole design looks more unified in that one. Next i just have to experiment with the jagged design and try to spread it across four A4 like it will be in the final catalogue.

My two different experiment outcomes.

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