Kickstarter photoshoot

Today Hannah, Ee, Cameron and I met up to shoot our promo video for our Kickstarter page in a park near where Hannah lives. She brought her dogs, I brought t-shirts and Cameron brought markers so that we could make some mock-ups of our products to take pictures of. The weather was cold and grey and it was even raining a tiny bit so we tried to be quick and get everything done before it will start raining properly. We all made some pocket designs to attach onto the plain t-shirts. And we also attached a strip of Cameron’s design on the collar of Hannah’s dog Buster. When the t-shirts and a collar were done, Hannah, Cameron, Ee and Buster got to model and I took pictures of them wearing the products and of the products on their own. We got some really great pictures for the campaign!! I also took a short video of Buster running that we can use in the promo video.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to shoot the whole video today because it was really cold and not really a nice weather to capture on film either. Also not all of our group members could be there today so we thought it might be better to just take good photos today for the page and social media and possibly shoot the video tomorrow in uni when we have more group members present. That way we can show more of us in the video and have more of us talking about the campaign.

I am pleased with photos I took and everyone’s effort today. Even though it was cold and rainy outside, everyone turned up on time and everyone was in a good mood and happy to work together. Because of everyone’s input and enthusiasm we got everything done quickly. After we finished in the park, I went to uni to go through the pictures and created a shared Google drive folder so that everyone can access the photos. I also edited some of the best photos so that they will look even better on our Kickstarter page. All in all, it was a really good, fun and productive few hours, and I am sure that if we can do a few more sessions like this we can get the whole project done.

See pictures from today’s photoshoot below!



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