Kickstarter video

Today in CIP we had a chance to film our Kickstarter video. Our idea is to use video and the pictures we took yesterday. At first we all had a go at talking in front of the camera, but we chose Cameron and Hannah to be on the final video.


From the trials we noticed that the voice echoed really badly in the Impression studio where we filmed them. So, we went on a walk around the uni trying to find a better place for filming. We found a couple of good small rooms but there were people in them so we couldn’t use them. There was a good spot behind the Mac room too, but right under the window people were doing some roadwork which made loud noise. We tried filming there but you could hear the loud noise on the recording.

In the end we ended up filming it in the hallway between the Inventivity and the Impression studios. We took one of the big photography lights to make it brighter in the hallway. It made the video footage much better. I filmed the video with my camera and Cameron and Hannah did the talking.


After filming we started editing the video in Premiere. I did some of the editing until my skills weren’t good enough for it. I don’t really know how to do anything fancy in Premiere. So my other group members picked up from there and we ended up with a nice video ready to be put on the Kickstarter page.

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