Filming the Pastiche 1560 video

Today I came to uni to film my Pastiche video. With me I had my camera, tripod and Skittles that I bought on my way to uni. My plan was to make a stop motion video with Skittles which would move around and form letters and text. When I got to uni, I first needed to sort the Skittles by color. I wanted each letter to only consist of one color. I had three big bags of Skittles which I divided into plastic cups. Then I set up the filming station. In my experiments I had used black background but for the final outcome I wanted to use the white backdrop and light that’s in the Studio Inventivity. I thought that the video would look brighter and happier if I use colorful candy on a white background. Luckily nobody else was there using it.

I placed my tripod on the table and taped my phone on it so that the camera was facing down and screen up. I had to use my phone because I wanted to use a stop motion app that my classmate told me about some time ago. I had also used the app in my experiments and came to the conclusion that is was good and handy. I used my real camera just to take some behind-the-scenes pictures.

When all the equipment was in place and I had determined what area will show in the camera, I started the filming process. I moved the candies slowly and took a picture with the app each time. The problem was that the app used a lot of battery and I wasn’t even half way though when a notification popped up saying “less than 10% battery left”.  I immediately turned brightness down. I aimed to get the first half done before my phone dies because in the middle of the video I have an empty screen. That was a good spot to un-tape my phone and put it to charge without messing up the video. While my phone was changing I worked on the Collection book.

Still frames from the first half:

After my phone had charged, I filmed the second half the same way as the first half. the process was exactly the same but I got it done a bit quicker because I had already gotten used to it. When I had all the material I needed ( over 120 sill frames), I just uploaded the files from my phone to Google drive and cleaned up. It was fun filming it and I am happy with the development I have made. Now I just have to edit the material into a video.

The end of the second half of the sequence.

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