The final Pastiche 1560 video

After filming all the material for the video, I started editing the video in Premiere Pro at uni. The main things like importing the material and music and placing them in the right spots wasn’t too difficult. Zooming and adjusting the brightness of the footage, and adding end and beginning screens and fading effects was more problematic because I don’t have much experience in using Premiere. I had to google everything. But even with the tips from google, it wasn’t easy because not everything was the same in the Premiere that I was using and where people said the adjustments were. So, it took me a while to figure everything out. Some things I also learned from my classmates while we were editing out Kickstarter video last week. In total however, editing the video wasn’t a time consuming job. But somehow uploading it to Vimeo and, especially Instagram, proved to be an extremely difficult thing to do.

I created a Vimeo account and uploaded the finished video on it and it worked fine. When I saved the link onto the computer that I was using and tried to access the video through the link, it didn’t work. A few times the link didn’t open the video, the page was not found. And a few times the page opened but the video didn’t appear on it. Still when I logged into my account, the video was there and played perfectly. I checked all the settings and they were all fine. It was set as public, not private. The video also worked when I copied the link from the video that was able to play when I was logged in and pasted it into a new tab. I wasn’t able to resolve the problem and figure out what was the reason to the behind it. Regardless, the video seems to work through the link that I have put in the end of this post.

With Instagram the problem how to get the video file into my phone. Even though you can view Instagram pictures and videos on a computer, you can only post things on Instagram through the phone app. I tried emailing the file to myself so that I could save it from the email onto my phone. It didn’t work because the video file was too big to email. I also couldn’t download from Google drive because the Google drive app wouldn’t open the file. I started to get frustrated because I started to run out of ideas. Eventually I managed to get the file into my phone by first uploading it on Youtube and downloading it from there back onto the computer. That reduced the size of the file. Then I was able to email the smaller file to myself and saving it onto my phone.

The next obstacle was the fact that Instagram format for videos is square. So when I posted my video, Instagram cut a part of it off from both sides. That wasn’t good at all! To overcome this, my classmate who happened to be working on the computer next to me told me about an app that re-shapes videos into squares. So, I installed that app and modified my video in the app. When it was a square, I posted it again successfully on Instagram.

I was not expecting the uploading and posting phase to be that difficult. It took me ages before I had managed to put the video on Vimeo and Instagram. I was very relieved when it was finally done. You can see my final video from he links below.



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